Create a New Tab Group. Help to not keep 40+ tabs open at the same time.

I love the fact that the extension shows me the count of the open tabs right on the icon.

Google Chrome has this month introduced the eagerly-anticipated new Tab Group feature. Google Customize your tab group however you like, using words or emoji for the group name. Tab Groups is a new feature arriving on the Chrome 81 build that lets you neatly organize active tabs into groups. As of Chrome version 80, Chrome tab groups aren’t a feature available to all users by default. Select the “Add Tab To New Group” option from the menu that appears. Easy to add & remove tabs from a group, though not entirely intuitive until you've done it once or twice.

Like all the best ideas, Tab Groups is wonderfully simple and it will change the way you use Chrome. Chrome's new 'tab group' feature helps you organize your cluttered browser It's great for tab minimalists and hoarders alike By Cohen Coberly on May 13, 2020, 16:11 Overall a very useful Chrome extension. Gordon Kelly. This allows Chrome users to group open websites together with a … Drag and drop Chrome page tabs on the Tab Outliner window into the group. The tab group feature for Chrome is under development, but it can be turned on by enabling the Chrome flag. If you already have some tab groups, you can move them to a new window, open a new tab in the group, or ungroup them. Next, right-click on the first tab that you want to add to the group. I use it at work to group tabs/windows by the projects I work on. Enabling Chrome Tab Groups. With the Tab Group feature now enabled on your instance of Chrome (whether the function was automatically or manually turned), it’s time to create a group. Enabling group tab feature through a flag in Chrome settings. In the search bar at the top of the page, type “Tab Groups” and select “Enabled” from the dropdown menu next to the flag. Then double left-click the group title on the Tab Outliner window to open a separate Chrome window that includes all the tabs in the group. Here is how to use it. Tab Groups in Google Chrome 81. We recommend you to try the new feature on Chrome Canary because it doesn’t work fine on Chrome web browser. Begin by opening one or two tabs.

Press that button to add a new group to the Tab Outliner tree as shown below. Tab Manager Plus is an easy to use tab manager extension for Chrome which allows users to easily find, close, re-arrange, and switch to the tabs that they want. Use Chrome's tab groups to organize all of your open websites in the browser. To enable Tab Groups, open a new Chrome browser tab, type the following into its Omnibox (address bar,) and then press the Enter key: chrome://flags.